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Welcome to our versatile studio space, where creativity knows no bounds. Our Offering page invites you to explore the endless possibilities within our neutral canvas. This blank slate, adorned with carefully selected furniture – a spacious couch, a cozy chair, an inviting coffee table, a plush rug, and functional shelving – beckons you to craft your narrative within its walls. Embrace the freedom to mold this space into your vision, as the neutral backdrop and thoughtfully chosen furnishings provide the perfect foundation for your unique story.

Studio Amenities

Coffee, Tea, Drink fridge

Original Wood Flooring

Elegant White Panel Moulding

15 ft Ceilings

Posing Chairs and Stools

Photography Backdrop Stands

Natural Lighting

Photography Paper Varying Sizes & Colours

Large Boucle White Couch

Boucle White Chair

Scandinavian Style Furniture

Amaran 300c Multicoloured Spotlight

Photography Umbrella Lighting 

Accessible Building Elevator

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